Supplying goods with Science. Providing Science with goods.

Our products are oriented on the market’s needs and have
the set of concurrent advantages, favorably separating
it from the products of our competitors.

The line of products supplied by our company:

  1. Health & Food Ingredients. ALYS Health & Food Ingredient Business Unit is committed to sourcing and distributing the best products worldwide, including packaging, to local customers. We select not only the best but also the best value to our customer’s application.
  2. Laboratory instruments and consumables. We search all around the world and sort out the best choice. We only have one mission: make it easier for you..
  3. Packaging. We can provide a large range of packagings that meet the most stringent food or feed regulations.  We constantly develop our range of products to match the most demanding inquiries, wether in terms of specification, certification or packaging.

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